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Intellectual Property

Pioneers in the creation of a culture of management, protection and defence of the intangible assets of organisations.


In a constantly evolving global marketplace, both public and private organisations need to manage and protect the knowledge they generate, now more than ever.

R&D, innovation and the design of new products have become fundamental pillars for economic and social development.

These intangible assets are part of a country’s wealth and, of course, part of the assets of the companies and institutions that generate them. In most advanced countries, the value of intangible assets already exceeds that of traditional tangible assets. It is a phenomenon that places the focus on the ‘intangible asset economy’ era. The axis around which the value of these intangible assets can be increased is to be found in Intellectual Property Rights management. It is all about the management of trademarks, knowledge and technology itself.

PONS IP, aware of the importance of having solid Intellectual Property Strategies in order to generate results, helps clients to add value to their ideas. We are firmly committed to transforming your ideas into value. It is about making the intangible tangible, always right behind our clients, who are at the heart of what we do.

Nuria Marcos
General Manager PONS IP

The IP as a fundamental axis of the Global Business Strategy


at your service

Lawyers specialized in IP, European Patent Agents, Engineers and Expert Technical Consultants in different areas of innovation. A reference team in the sector. A reference team in the sector.

experts in their services




In addition to our international presence and thanks to our network of partners, we offer coverage in more than 180 countries. Innovation without borders. Innovation without borders.

experts in their services




Large companies, Research Centres, SMEs and Organisations in all kinds of sectors. National and international clients trust in the value of the IP.

experts in their services



Innovation is

in our DNA

Innovation is in our DNA

Global vision

IP as part of the global business strategy accompanying all phases of the product/service.

Innovative solutions

State-of-the-art technological tools and IP protection and management models that boosts competitiveness.

Customized solutions

Agile strategies designed for each client and its context. Redefining the management and defence of your assets. Redefining the management and defense of your assets.

References in talent

Our team of experts in all areas of IP is highly deserving of the prizes and awards received.


International Awards

and Recognitions

International Awards and Recognitions


A team of internationally recognised experts

PONS IP and its team of professionals specialised in IP are unbeatably positioned in the main directories and international rankings of the sector, appearing as recommended experts worldwide.

Awarded in 2021 as the best company of the year in trademarks by the prestigious international ranking MIP, Managing Intellectual Property


Unique protection

for unique organisations

A space open to knowledge and the exchange of ideas




Pons IP


A space open to knowledge and the exchange of ideas

Through our PONS Foundation, we promote training and the creation of an IP culture within organisations.


Committed and valued nationally and internationally

PONS IP is part of the main national and international organizations linked to Intellectual Property and the development of Innovation.

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At PONS IP, we care for encourage growth and value our greatest asset: our team.

Explore all the opportunities we have for you, in a dynamic environment specialized in innovation, technology and IP.

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