Carmen González COAPI
07 Apr


Carmen González, Trademark and Domain Names Manager at PONS IP, has been appointed by the Official Association of Intellectual Property Agents (COAPI) as the new Vice President of the organization representing Spanish Intellectual Property Agents working on intellectual property management.

Carmen González has become Vice President of COAPI after two years as spokesperson on the Association's Board of Directors, where she has helped to boost the visibility and presence of the Association among IP professionals in Spain.

It is the first time in the history of PONS IP that one of our representatives has taken on an institutional responsibility at this level. On the other hand, another historical fact must be taken into account: for the first time in the almost 100 years of history of the Association, two women will be running an organization as relevant as COAPI for the next two years in office. Vice president Carmen González will work in tandem with Inmaculada de la Haza, COAPI president and Balder IP partner, replacing Enrique Astiz at the head of the organization.

One the main objectives of this new stage is to highlight the value of Intellectual Property Agents, represent and defend members' interests, ensure that professional ethics and dignity standards are met and increase visibility and knowledge of the advantages of being a member, at a time when intangible assets have acquired an extraordinary relevance for society and companies.

Carmen González Candela is today one of the best-known trademark lawyers in Spain and internationally, with nearly 25 years' expertise in intellectual property, and has been linked to PONS IP since 2007 where she started working at the company's International Trademarks Department.  As a Law graduate and with a Master's Degree in Intellectual Property and Information Society from University of Alicante, Carmen González has also been an Official Intellectual Property Agent for nearly 20 years.

Following her appointment, Carmen González said: 'being Vice President of COAPI is a recognition of both my career and that of my team at PONS IP, and I embrace confidently the challenge of highlighting the role of Intellectual Property Agents at a time when digital economy's intangible assets have taken on a whole new relevance compared to traditional tangible assets'.