21 Oct



Madrid, October 22nd, 2021.- PONS IP, a global company specializing in Intellectual Property, has announced the launch of ALERTA, a new technology-based service specializing in comprehensive trademark protection and surveillance from the earliest stages of registration and protection to access, distribution and growth in the market. With this launch, PONS IP expands and strengthens its offer, featuring advanced services to manage intellectual property assets after the launch in 2020 of Safe Evidence, an online platform for managing intangible assets based on blockchain technology, advanced signature and qualified time stamps.

Designed by the PONS IP team, this legaltech solution was created with the aim of providing comprehensive, customized and flexible coverage through four specific areas: ALERTA Registry, which helps to prevent similar or identical trademarks from registering at the national and international level, ALERTA Customs, a solution that controls the entry and exit of counterfeit products in more than 180 countries, ALERTA Online, which prevents, detects and responds to attacks that cybercriminals carry out on trademarks on the Internet and ALERTA Domains, a specialized service to monitor, detect and issue alerts when domains matching trademark rights are found.

Among the advantages of the ALERTA service is the intensive use of technology, as each PONS IP solution in ALERTA combines the company's expertise with the advantages offered by machine learning and big data (among others), as well as the use of online platforms and access to leading technology companies such as Google, Facebook or Twitter to avoid up to 95% of infringement risk that could threaten the use, value and reputation of the trademark in online and physical environments.

In the opinion of Nuria Marcos, General Manager of PONS IP, the great challenge faced by companies today in a constantly evolving global and technological market is to protect the knowledge and innovations they develop in order to maintain their competitiveness. If having an adequate trademark feasibility and protection plan is essential in the early phases of asset creation, monitoring it is a key and determining factor throughout its life cycle. An unmonitored trademark can see its reputation or value threatened, or even be the cause of a loss of profits within the organization".