PONS IP signs an agreement with alicante science park to offer preferential conditions to its associated companies
12 Mar

PONS IP signs an agreement with Alicante science park to offer preferential conditions to its associated companies

PONS IP and Alicante Science Park have signed a collaboration agreement that will enable their more than twenty innovative companies associated to the park to access the services of the intellectual property (IP) consultancy firm on favorable conditions for their interests.

By signing this agreement, PONS IP will provide free preliminary advice to companies in the Science Park that require its professional services. In addition, the companies of the park will receive a 15% discount on the firm's fees for procedures relating to the safeguarding of their Intellectual Property rights and New Technologies.

Both entities are also committed to promoting the joint development of events and educational sessions, such as the holding of talks, conferences, seminars, information sessions, etc., about intellectual property, as well as any related topic of interest.

In this sense, a business breakfast was held in the park where PONS IP consultants presented the opportunities for innovation in the new trade secrets act, as after its entry into force, it represents a new opportunity for the holders of protected information, which now acquires its own entity beyond mere confidential information. The new standard establishes tools to identify which knowledge and information can be protected by secrecy and which protocols need to be implemented to identify and preserve it properly; to protect the results of research or possible new business projects, which are key to business growth; and to establish the holder's rights in case of disclosure and violation.

Trade secrets thus complements the protection afforded by patents, covering the legal vacuum that hindered the protection of knowledge, applied to the innovation processes of companies and public entities, in Spain and Europe.

For this reason, the Alicante Science Park organized this conference in collaboration with PONS IP, which analyzed the changes brought about by the new Trade Secrets regulations. Apart from clarifying what can be considered a trade secret and the procedures to protect it, they offered the keys to take full advantage of this protection formula from companies.

Alicante Science Park, located next to the university campus of the province is conceived as a space of excellence and innovation to encourage company-university relations and boost technology transfer and the competitiveness of the economic system. It is an organization managed by specialized professionals, whose fundamental objective is to increase our community wealth by promoting the innovation and the competitiveness of institutions, innovative companies, Research Institutes and mixed Laboratories of the University-Business R&D, knowledge producers, that are located in the park or associated to it, facilitating the establishment of networks and alliances and professional advice.