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Innovation without limits

The most complete solution for the management, protection, and defence of Intellectual Property at a global level

A bridge between Asia, America, and Europe

Global coverage in more than 180 countries

Agile solutions that respond to the management of Intellectual Property assets around the world. We add value to organisations from the early stages of development of an idea/invention, to its launch on the market and the life cycle of the product or service

Spain and Europe

Our headquarters are in Madrid, and we have a network of offices found in the main financial and business centres of the country. In addition, our international Brussels DESK office allows us to be present in the strategic centre for decision-making in matters of IPRS in Europe.

Latin America

From Colombia, with our headquarters in Bogotá and Medellín DESK, we coordinate and serve companies interested in the Latin American market, offering them excellent protection and advice in 23 American countries. We have a local expert IP team that allows us to function as a bridge between Asia, Europe, and Latin America.


Through our China Desk, we accompany national and international clients in their expansion to the Asian market. To the same extent, we advise our Chinese clients on their expansion strategy and access to European and Latin American markets.

Cobertura global en más de 180 países

Partner Network

A wide network of partners allows us to offer coverage to our clients anywhere in the world.

Our global positioning allows us to accompany Spanish companies in their expansion and internationalization processes, as well as foreign companies in the development of their activity in our country; we have the expert collaboration of a careful selection of partners around the world.



In addition to our international presence and thanks to our network of partners, we offer coverage in more than 180 countries. Innovation without borders.

Synergies in the work methodology, qualification, and expertise.

Continuous contact, we are part of the same team with the goal of meeting the customer's needs in the most satisfactory way.

Lasting collaborative relationships (stability of the partner network).

International Awards

and Recognitions

International Awards and Recognitions