• “Back to the Past” for the private copying levy in Spain

    The recent approval in Spain of Royal Decree-Law 12/2017 enables the closure of a period of legal uncertainty regarding the regulation of the laws concerning equitable remuneration for private copying. It should be noted that this regulation was also substantially amended by Royal Decree-Law 20/2011: it went from being a generally accepted traditional system…

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  • Why do gamers register their trademarks?

    20 years ago, young people used to meet their friends and they used to cut up pieces of paper with the names of football teams, put them in a bag from the local supermarket and shake them. Then, they would take out a piece of paper and start to form the different groups for…

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  • To what extent is Influencer Marketing legal?

    Firms and advertisers have always used celebrities of one sort or another (actors, sports personalities, singers, etc.) to advertise their products. What has changed, is that now those influential celebrities may be people who are initially anonymous and who have decided to create and make their own contents available to the public via web…

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  • Cheerleaders’ uniforms, under protection

    On 26th April last, coinciding with the World Industrial Property Day, I had the opportunity to take part in the Fashion Law event organised by PONS IP, the theme of said event being how to protect the fashion companies in our country, and also the internationalisation of the same.
    Recently, the United States Supreme Court…

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  • Living from books: from Cervantes to copyright

    At the close of April, a little lacklustre this year due to being sandwiched between Easter and the May bank holidays, we have two events close together and also related due to their content: Book Day and the World Intellectual Property Day.
    Book Day is held every 23rd April, in honour of the two probably…

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  • PONS IP celebrates World IP Day

    On 26th April last, the team at PONS IP decided to join in with the celebrations of the World Intellectual Property Day, to commemorate the signing of the Patent Cooperation treaty (PCT) in 1970. Besides, on this day the aim is to create awareness of the importance of protecting innovation via IPR rights. During…

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