• Cheerleaders’ uniforms, under protection

    On 26th April last, coinciding with the World Industrial Property Day, I had the opportunity to take part in the Fashion Law event organised by PONS IP, the theme of said event being how to protect the fashion companies in our country, and also the internationalisation of the same.
    Recently, the United States Supreme Court…

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  • Living from books: from Cervantes to copyright

    At the close of April, a little lacklustre this year due to being sandwiched between Easter and the May bank holidays, we have two events close together and also related due to their content: Book Day and the World Intellectual Property Day.
    Book Day is held every 23rd April, in honour of the two probably…

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  • PONS IP celebrates World IP Day

    On 26th April last, the team at PONS IP decided to join in with the celebrations of the World Intellectual Property Day, to commemorate the signing of the Patent Cooperation treaty (PCT) in 1970. Besides, on this day the aim is to create awareness of the importance of protecting innovation via IPR rights. During…

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  • How do I choose which countries to expand my patent in?

    In the process of a PCT or EP patent, entry into national phases or validation is a key moment. The decisions we make at this point can ensure the commercial success of the patented technology and its arrival (or not) to a potential market. With validation or national phase the patentee must decide which…

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  • 3D printing; are there any rights?

    3D printing allows the user of 3D printers to unleash their creativity to produce multitude of design objects in a simple way, but at the same time can constitute an ideal mechanism to make illegal reproductions of products protected by a third party’s intellectual property rights.

    The proliferation of 3D printers is available to anyone…

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  • How to create a ‘very legal’ fashion trademark

    Fashion labels have evolved from being pure textile designations to telling stories and being a hallmark of identity for their customers. They are increasingly attributed to more and more human characteristics; they have their own history, their roots, their ideologies and principles. But what is a trademark from a legal point of view?

    A trademark…

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