At PONS Patentes y Marcas Internacional we take part in the registration, renewal, recovery and monitoring of generic names or territorial domain processes.

We can also register and validate your trademarks in the Trademark Clearinghouse database that will allow you to include your trademark in some of the areas of generic domain names recently approved by ICANN, and thanks to our partnership with VeriSign, leaders on the issues of licenses and digital security, we an also ensure that any information sent from your server will be encrypted to preclude interception or theft, as well as to those who visit your website can do it with a greater sense of security.


Our main services are:

  • Comprehensive advice on the registration, renewal and brokerage for the purchase of generic or territorial domain names.
  • Reports on the current and past ownership of the domain name as well as audits on domain names.
  • Studies for the optimization of domain portfolios and the protection of trademarks on the Internet.
  • Maintenance and upgrades on the domain data.
  • Monitoring notices for sunrise periods, depending on their sector of activity and pre-registration of these new domain names.
  • The monitoring of trademarks in order to detect and recover domain names registered by third parties that could infringe totally or partially on the rights of the trademark owners.
  • The filing of extrajudicial and /or judicial conflict resolution demands to the appropriate entities.


Alberto Rabadán
Head of Trademarks and Domains