Thanks to our multidisciplinary team of engineers, we are able to take on any requests our clients may demand in the fields of: mechanical engineering, electrical, electronic, telecommunications and IT. Our team has expertise in protecting the innovations that arise from the developments in infrastructure, aviation, rail, roads, urban transport and ports.

In this area we have former examiners of the European Patent Office, European Patent Attorneys (EPO) and professionals with an extensive background and experience in the preparation of reports on patentability, infringement and freedom to operate as well as in the drafting and defense of patent applications and utility models, especially in Spain, Europe, Latin America and USA. We also have expert litigators in patents, utility models and industrial designs.

Our consultants and lawyers belong to different technical and linguistical training fields (German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Korean, and Spanish) and that allows us to bring to the fullest extent the analysis of patent documents published in these languages as well as develop patent mapping, analysis of the competitive environment of each project, drafting and negotiating international agreements and license technologies and assumption of patent litigation in these sectors.

Department Team