Horizon 2020


The Horizon 2020 program takes over the seven programs that provide the aid framework for investigation and innovation promoted by the European Union with a budget of nearly 80.000m€ in the 2014-2020 period. Companies, technological centers, government and research agencies have a place in this program.

Horizon 2020 unifies all of the investigation and innovation phases: from the gathering of knowledge to the activities close to the market. Thus, basic research, technology development, demonstration projects, pilot manufacturing lines, technology transfer, support for pre-commercial public procurement and venture capital are likely to find financing.

Horizon 2020 brings with itself numerous administrative improvements, much like previous programs, but this time around special importance is given to intellectual property and market arrival in freedom to operate conditions as a key part in proposals and implementation of projects.

PONS wants to offer comprehensive service in relation to intellectual property and the Horizon 2020 program that ranges from the preparing of proposals and the collaboration in specific stages of some financial instruments, to the participation of a specific proposal.

Our services cover the following needs:

  • Complete art study for the novelty in SMEInst, IA and RIA instruments.
  • Section Impact: type of market, niche markets, market trends, list of key competitors and competitive solutions, the most relevant market segments.
  • Intellectual property management: description of key intellectual property, measures needed in order to provide freedom to operate in selected markets, knowledge protection strategy.
  • Strategy management of data generated or acquired by the project.
  • Drafting and/or review of agreements needed to be signed within the framework of Horizon 20/20, as the corresponding consortium agreement, MoU, confidentiality agreements or transfer contracts. Consideration of the various legal aspects, both in the proposal phase and the implementation phase, taking into account the application rules and content, among others, grant agreements and consortium.
  • Rating technology for its marketing in the form of a license.

Sergio Larreina
Head of Technology Consulting