• Fernando Goñi

    Fernando Goñi

    Commercial Director and Head of the International Affairs Dept.

USA – San Francisco

404 Bryant Street

San Francisco, CA 94107, United States of America

Email: adimian@pons.es

Twitter: @pons_IP

Telephone: +1 +650-255-9835.

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The PONS USA Desk through its San Francisco office channels and coordinates matters for our US clients relating to IP for Europe and Latin America, offering the advantage of a centralized IP service to both regions. A combination between global vision and strong local experience has allowed us to adapt our professional advisory function to the American culture.

Our San Francisco office works directly with the PONS headquarters in Latin America (Colombia) and Europe (Spain) in order to properly advise our US clients on what is the best strategy to protect and defend their patents and trademarks in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.

Our Spanish and Latin American professionals share their views, strategies and experiences thereby effectively advising our US clients on how to make their IP portfolio more profitable in Latin America, Spain and the rest of Europe.