Our services include:

  • Pre-application consultation on the obtaining of the plant variety title; pre-feasibility report.
  • Application for the obtaining of plant titles so as to provide the correct data to the appropriate office as well as the technical description of the particulars of the plant variety.
  • Maintenance of the Title: we properly advise on the necessary measures needed in order to maintain its record; technical examination of the variety keeping the validity of the plant variety by paying annual fees, etc.
  • Monitoring and advocacy to ensure that our clients′ industrial property rights are respected worldwide and if not provide the appropriate counsel and representation so as to carry out the legal actions necessary before the competent bodies.

PONS Patentes y Marcas Internacional has a multidisciplinary team formed by qualified personnel in plant biology and attorneys experienced in defending the rights that are procured from having plant variety rights, i.e. plant varieties susceptible to protection and having the requirements necessary for being new, distinctive, homogeneous and stable.

If it were deemed necessary and thanks to our monitoring service, we offer the possibility of managing the use of plant propagation material or obtaining plant variety through innovative control systems. We detect possible violations of use by third parties and we provide our legal advise in order to enforce our client′s industrial property rights before the competent bodies anywhere in the world; as well as the drafting and negotiation of operation if necessary.


Rafael López
Head of IP Transfer