At PONS Patentes y Marcas Internacional we advise our clients during the innovation protection cycle in its entirety. From the Department of Technology Consulting we help our clients make the right decisions in order to achieve the best results and reach their goals. We analyze their challenges and help convert them into opportunities as well as finding ways to monetize their invention or trademark.


Our services cover the initial phase of protection of the invention and subsequent exploitation of the same:

  • Evaluation and optimization of the innovation portfolios: we evaluate your project portfolio or patent portfolios in order to determine where to invest. Once we define the investment objectives, we advise on how to protect them appropriately, for example, through the extension of the patent.
  • Reports on the state of the art: we make reports on the status of a particular technology in one or more markets with competitive information or analysis of possible applications of the invention.
  • Periodic or ad hoc surveillance: we develop reports with tracking information that is generated by a company, a technology or even a person.
  • Technology transfer: we advise on the necessary procedures needed to transfer or exploit our clients′ technology (patents, utility models, know-how).


Sergio Larreina
Head of Technology Consulting