The intangible assets, especially patents and trademarks, are an important part of the companies′ market value and their analysis corresponds with the need to obtain sufficient information concerning the measurement and economic value of said rights.

At PONS Patents y Marcas Internacional we know that the needs of our clients go beyond the protection of innovation or the registration of a trademark, becoming increasingly necessary being able to give added value to our traditional services. The asset valuation of an IP gives our clients the necessary financial information on their trademarks and patents in order to for them to make the right strategic decisions.


Our services cover the following needs:

  • Assessment for the sale of businesses with IP′s.
  • Assessment for trademark cession and licenses.
  • The calculation of royalties in transactions of trademarks and patents.
  • Assessments for intangible assets (trademarks or patents).
  • Assessments for internet domains and websites.



Sergio Larreina
Head of Technology Consulting