PONS IP participates in the 6th annual Legal Awards

PONS IP participates in the 6th annual Legal Awards

PONS IP presents the 6th annual ‘Premios Jurídicos’ (Legal Awards) from Eventos Jurídicos at Fundación PONS. Jorge Campanillas, a lawyer specializing in ICT, opened the event together with María Jesús Magro, Manager at Fundación PONS, who stated that ‘innovation is in the DNA of SomosPONS, so for us to host this event is a real … Read more

PONS IP participates in the “Praktika Extern” exchange program for the seventh consecutive year

“Praktika Extern Program” PONS IP

Once again, PONS IP participated in the ‘Praktika Extern’ exchange program organized by The European Patent Office (EPO) with the aim of achieving a more fluent relationship between the agents and applicant companies from the different countries that make up the EPC European Patent Convention and their examiners. PONS IP was the first Spanish agency … Read more

Our Northern Area Office Director, Joseba Villate, answers to “Estrategia Empresarial's” questions

Estrategia Empresarial PONS IP BILBAO

With the occasion of the opening of our new office in Bilbao, through which we have strengthen our presence in the Basque Country, the Estrategia Empresarial newspaper interviews our Northern Area Office Director, Joseba Villate. Joseba Villate, assesses the new opening. The activity undertaken at PONS IP during the ten years it has been serving … Read more

SPTO 2019: Spain looks abroad to protect its assets

SPTO 2019 Assessment

According to the assessment released by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, the statistics for 2019 in relation to 2018 reveal that the number of national trademark applications has suffered a slight reverse of 3.1%, despite having surpassed the 50,000 barrier. In parallel, 3.4% more Spanish applicants have sought protection for their trademarks in the … Read more

Technological Surveillance for strategic decision-making

Technological Surveillance PONS IP

The current economic climate requires constant innovative activity on the part of companies, and for this reason there can never be enough information. This is how the concept of technological surveillance came about, with the aim of controlling and anticipating any factor and/or change that may affect its competitiveness, thus reducing the risk in the … Read more