Technology management in new mobility. An intellectual property perspective

We are experiencing dramatic changes in mobility technology focused on a “DANCE world”, based on Digital, Autonomous, Non-emitting, Connected and Electric vehicles. These vehicles will be part of an ecosystem managed by platforms where data will be a vital asset for the new regulatory framework and to deliver mobility-related services. In this context, intangible asset … Read more

How can we legally protect software? Who owns the exploitation rights? The developer?

The increase in the use of technologies, and the inventions and developments stemming from their growing application in our daily lives, raises many questions related to the legal protection and exploitation of the rights attached to these intangible assets. Software, the different assets it can integrate and the ways to protect each of them, give … Read more

Inspiring new talent in the legal sector: “The Lex Fellowship” program comes to PONS IP

Madrid, July 14, 2022 PONS IP, a global consulting firm specializing in Intellectual Property, has welcomed in its Madrid headquarters a delegation of U.S. students enrolled in the international program The Lex Fellowship with the aim of learning “in situ” about the services of the company’s Legal Department team and its work methodology. The meeting … Read more