The EcoFood 2023 project achieves the largest Axis 1 financial allocation in the Agri-Food PERTE

The 41 million Euro investment granted will have an impact on nine value chains in the food sector through 70 companies in 12 autonomous communities. AVS CONSULTING and PONS IP, leading consultancies in their respective fields of management of public aid for R&D and technology and industrial property management, respectively, have announced the provisional award … Read more

ANDEMA renews its trust in PONS IP as the jury for its 2nd Journalism Awards

Madrid, 15 September 2023.- The Association for the Defence of Trademarks (ANDEMA) has announced its list of jury members for the 2nd edition of the Javier Navarro Journalism Awards. This list includes professionals from the world of trademarks and industrial property, as well as those in journalism and communication. For the second year in a … Read more

Legal Branding: Develop the full potential of your trademark

Logo Legal Branding de PONS IP

In today’s dynamic business world, standing out and differentiating oneself from the competition is key to the success of any organisation. Trademarks play a fundamental role in this regard, since it is through them that consumers perceive the quality, reliability and uniqueness of a company, product or service. In this article, we will explore the … Read more

The truth behind intellectual property rights and copyright of fictional characters: Who owns the rights to a fictional character?

In the world of artistic creation, a recurring question comes up among industry professionals: To whom does a fictional character belong? What is protected by copyright and what is not? Today at PONS IP we explore the complex reality of intellectual property rights and copyright of fictional characters. It is first important to note that, … Read more

PONS IP is recognised at the IP&TMT Awards 2023 as the Best Law Firm of the Year in Patents and with the Best Lawyer in Life Sciences

Madrid, 14 July 2023.- PONS IP, a global consulting firm specialised in Intellectual Property, was awarded two new and important recognitions for the company’s outstanding performance in the last year. These awards were presented at the gala ceremony of the third edition of the Iberian Lawyer IP&TMT Awards convened by the prestigious legal publication Iberian … Read more

Though you might not know it, essential patents will affect your business

We live in a connected world, and it will become even more so as time goes on. Today we depend on mobile phones, and we cannot imagine computers without Internet access. Cars and televisions are also already connected; however, thanks to the “Internet of Things”, in a few years it will also be difficult to … Read more

Leaders in customer service and work quality, according to the 2023 IAM Patent 1000

The industrial property sector’s main publication in the area of patents, IAM Patent 1000 2023 – The World’s Leading Patent Professionals, has released the results of its analysis this year in which, in its 2023 edition, they once again highlight the performance of our consulting firm, as well as the efforts of five of our … Read more

Optimise R&D&I Management by incorporating an Intellectual Property strategy: Promoting the Growth and Protection of your Intangible Assets

In a highly competitive business environment, the strategic management of R&D&I is essential for the success and sustainable growth of companies. One of the key tools for optimising this process and maximising results is the incorporation of Intellectual Property. At PONS IP, we have developed a unique methodology based on our specialised knowledge, enabling companies … Read more

PONS IP consolidates its leadership position in the 2023 edition of the Leaders League ranking of “Best Law Firms & IP Agencies”

Leaders League, an international rating, market research and ranking agency originating in France, has published its ranking of the best intellectual and industrial property law firms, agencies and consulting firms in Spain in 2022, together with the most outstanding professionals in each of the areas related to intangible asset protection. In total, ten professionals from … Read more

“We must economically evaluate our brands to facilitate strategic decision-making”

1. You have been the General Manager of Pons IP Spain since 2010. What is the most significant change you have noticed in legal practice over the past years? I would highlight the profound change that the digital transformation is bringing about in the legal practice of our sector. This trend, accentuated since and because … Read more

New EU project DOME to deploy a Distributed Open Marketplace for Cloud and Edge Services in Europe has started

A Consortium of 39 European organisations from 14 countries launched the new project DOME to support cloud-to-edge infrastructure and services in Europe. The project is aiming to create a single portal of access for trusted Cloud and Edge services stakeholders, from providers to consumers and with strong focus on user-friendliness, inclusion and equality principles. DOME … Read more

PONS IP will help internationalise companies through the protection and monitoring of intangible assets in ICEX eMarket Services

PONS IP, a global consulting firm specialised in Industrial and Intellectual Property, is already part of the ICEX eMarket Services Directory. This internationalisation support platform is presented as a fundamental tool for the internationalisation of Spanish companies, especially SMEs whose main objective is to facilitate international sales through online channels and, in particular, encourage the … Read more

Attention Innovators: New Rules for Patents

In the coming months, we will witness many new developments in European patent standards. Today 1 June marks the first milestone in which, after a process lasting more than 50 years, there will a patent with validity in almost all the countries of the European Union, this patent being known as the “Unitary Patent”. This … Read more

The challenge and opportunity to regulate AI

At the IV International Expansion Forum last Thursday, Columbia University professor Rafa Yuste stated that the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and neuroscience will allow us to “get into the brain and change it”. Furthermore, we are already seeing the radical change that the application of tools like ChatGPT will bring to education, and to … Read more

PONS IP is promoting the world’s first “Summer Course” at Harvard that combines technology with the legal and ethical aspects of Web3, AI and Quantum Computing

PONS IP, with the support of our training division, the PONS Business School and the collaboration of the RCC at Harvard University, has announced the launch of the first Summer Course on web3, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. These three technologies are grouped together in a new concept that the course calls “WAIQ”. This four-day … Read more

Parody or trademark infringement?

It is increasingly common to find creations that refer to recognised trademarks on social design platforms. These environments allow designers and creators to showcase their personal and professional work. The key to success is to differentiate oneself and draw the public’s attention. Today we present a proposal on Behance and explain its legal implications in … Read more

PONS IP, partner of the Biovegen Technology Platform for Plant Biotechnology

PONS IP, a leading consulting firm specialised in offering comprehensive advice on industrial and intellectual property and new technologies for Spain, Europe and Latin America, is already part of the Technology Platform for Plant Biotechnology, BIOVEGEN. This benchmark public-private partnership exists in the plant innovation ecosystem and currently brings together 172 entities from the agri-food … Read more

World Industrial and Intellectual Property Day: “Women and IP: Accelerating innovation and creativity”

Today, April 26, is World Industrial and Intellectual Property Day and we at PONS IP wanted to join this celebration by releasing a new episode on our “Invention Privileges” podcast channel. On this occasion, we had the privilege of having three of the most authoritative voices in the field of innovation and Industrial Property in … Read more

PONS IP consolidates its position as a benchmark in trademark processing and management in IP Stars 2023

Managing Intellectual Property (MIP), a global reference publication in the field of industrial property, recently published the 2023 edition of its prestigious IP Stars with a list of the leading trademark processing firms and recognising the work of the best IP legal services firms in the last year. For the seventh consecutive year, the Trademarks … Read more

The Branding Observatory analyses the importance of more human relationships between brands and people in its 11th edition

Madrid, 19 April 2023. At a time when technology is achieving major developments, brands have to establish increasingly human and close relationships with their audiences and communities. This is one of the main lessons learned from the 11th edition of the Branding Observatory held on 19 April at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid. This … Read more

Intellectual Property and challenges on the path towards a better and more sustainable future for all

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN General Assembly mark the path we must follow to reduce inequality and protect the planet. For this reason, the challenges for the next seven years in view of the 2030 Agenda will focus on sustainable production, conscious consumption, access to health and overcoming technological gaps. Efforts … Read more

PONS IP dispels the greatest myths about software patentability

PONS IP, a global consulting firm specialised in Industrial and Intellectual Property, held the meeting “Software Ownership: The challenge of protecting New Technologies” at the PONS Foundation headquarters together with more than 150 attendees. The aim of this meeting was to shed light on the different ways of protecting software, as well as to dispel … Read more

Energy Transition, Opportunities and Challenges

Technological advances in humanity are part of the ongoing evolution of our societies: from the change in manual labour at factories, to steam engines that were more efficient and enabled goods to be mass-produced, thereby promoting the set-up of production lines that allowed societies to grow rapidly; and even the design of microchips that nowadays … Read more

Key changes of the Draft Amendments to China’s Trademark Law

Since its implementation on 1st March, 1983, the current Trademark Law of China has been revised for four times in 1993, 2001, 2013 and 2019. On 13th January 2023, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) released the Draft Amendment to the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China for public comment which ended … Read more

Improvement in financing, talent attraction and industrial property, the virtuous triangle of the new Startup Law

PONS IP, a global consulting firm specialised in industrial and intellectual property, held a hybrid meeting at the PONS Foundation headquarters with nearly 150 professionals from the field of innovation and business with the aim of conducting an initial assessment of the application of the Startup Law in Spain and analysing the pending challenges after … Read more

Taking advantage of the arrival of the Unitary Patent in innovative companies. The European Patent Office EPO, Acciona Energía and PONS IP share their tips with us

PONS IP, a global consulting firm specialised in industrial and intellectual property, held a virtual meeting with 128 connected users to discuss the entry into force of the Unitary Patent by the EPO and Acciona Energía, with the aim of addressing key concepts, changes and benefits that this system will offer to innovative companies with … Read more

Public Agencies and Companies agree on the importance of promoting Spain’s technological sovereignty at the Second CEIM Innovation Summit

Aiming to showcase the region of Madrid and its companies as the central axis of innovation and digitalization, the Business Confederation of Madrid (CEIM) hosted the second Innovation Summit with the backing of the Community of Madrid and the collaboration of PONS IP. The summit is an annual event which focuses on important matters expected … Read more

PONS IP, sponsor of the RedOTRI Seminars at Feria Transfiere 2023

PONS IP, a leading consulting firm specialising in comprehensive advice on industrial and intellectual property and new technologies for Spain, Europe and Latin America, has renewed its commitment to RedOTRI , acting as a sponsor of its Technical Seminars for yet another year. These Seminars will be held on 15 and 16 February within the … Read more

Necessity, opportunity and responsibility: this is how we experienced the “Legal Aspects of the Metaverse” presentation at ICAM

The Madrid Bar Association was the venue for the last stop of the “Legal Aspects of the Metaverse” on its specific roadshow of presentations that began last November. This also coincided with its editorial launch by La Ley, one of the first manuals on legal aspects of the metaverse and associated technologies, written by professionals … Read more

PONS IP once again leads the historical trademark ranking in the EU for the 27th straight year

From the 127 European Union trade mark applications sent by fax to the old OHIM in 1996 to the nearly 10,000 annual applications registered in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) by e-filing in 2022, a great deal has changed in the industrial property sector and the economy in Spain. Almost all of these … Read more

PONS Foundation launches its scholarship programme for the 2023-2024 academic year

Like every year for the past 17 years, PONS Foundation directs all its efforts to raising awareness of the importance of social progress in business innovation, R&D&I research, road safety awareness and the defence of Industrial and Intellectual Property, and it opens the scholarship period for the next academic year. Thus, the Foundation establishes different … Read more

PONS IP receives the update of its ISO/IEC 27001:2013 CERTIFICATION for its Information Security Management

PONS IP, a global consulting firm specialised in Industrial and Intellectual Property, received at its Madrid headquarters the update of the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems certification. This certification attests that the PONS IP S.A. legal entity reinforces the protection of the data of both its clients and of all the information generated during … Read more

PONS IP places industrial property at the centre of the debate to promote Madrid’s innovative ecosystem at CEIM

This morning, CEIM, the Business Confederation of Madrid, brought together at its headquarters more than one hundred representatives of Madrid’s innovative ecosystem with the aim of gaining insight into the business climate in Madrid and learning about their vision of the city’s potential as a destination for startups and foreign talent. In this event, these … Read more

Trends in Privacy and Data Protection

With the start of the new year, we always weigh up what happened over the past 365 days, reviewing not only the present, but also what is to come. The same thing happens in matters of privacy and data protection, which is why we have decided to take a look ahead and see what topics … Read more

PONS IP receives students from the Infinite Spur programme at the PONS Foundation

PONS IP, a global consulting firm specialised in Industrial and Intellectual Property, received a delegation of undergraduate and graduate students from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico’s Faculty of Business and MBA at the PONS Foundation headquarters. These students participate in the Infinite Spur international programme, an international education organisation with an international education programme … Read more

Administrative Invalidity and Revocation of Trademarks in Spain

Starting 14 January, applications for the invalidity and revocation of Spanish trademarks, trade names or international trademarks with effect in Spain must be submitted to the SPTO, except in the case that the counterclaim is used in a legal proceeding previously lodged for infringement. Therefore, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office will be the competent … Read more

Agreement with the Packaging Cluster to improve sector competitiveness through Industrial Property

PONS IP, a leading consulting firm specialising in comprehensive advice on industrial and intellectual property and new technologies for Spain, Europe and Latin America, and the Packaging Cluster, an organisation that brings together more than 100 active members among companies, knowledge centres and entities that represent the sector’s entire chain of value, have signed a … Read more

Who is the author of results made with the support of Artificial Intelligence models?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) already has a major influence in creative processes. In recent months we have seen the emergence of applications that help us write in several languages, such as Bloom, that automatically create text-based images, such as Dall-E, and which aid IT developers write better code, such as Copilot. The business models of these … Read more

PONS IP is taking part in the book entitled Legal Aspects of the Metaverse

Starting Monday Legal Aspects of the Metaverse will officially be one of the first handbooks about the legal aspects of the metaverse and the associated technologies available in Spain and worldwide. Once again, with this publication PONS IP has managed to position itself as a benchmark in the knowledge, analysis and studies intimately linked to … Read more

UNITARY PATENT: 10 Key Concepts

We are getting closer and closer to the entry into force of the Unitary Patent system, but there are many doubts remaining and important concepts that we need to be clear about. As such, below you will find a clear and detailed breakdown of the 10 key concepts about the Unitary Patent that you cannot … Read more

EcoFood2023, the largest Spanish innovation proposal aimed to the Agri-Food PERTE is born

AVS CONSULTING and PONS IP, leading consultancies in their respective fields for the management of public aid for R&D and management of technology and intellectual property respectively, have launched EcoFood 2023, the largest innovation ecosystem in the Spanish agri-food sector with nearly 100 member companies that will apply for the next call of the Agri-Food … Read more


The current director of the Patents, Technological Development and Innovation Department, Ana Herrera, has been included for the first time in the important Managing Intelectual Property (MIP) known as “Rising Stars”. This list recognizes the best talents from the international industrial property sector in more than 50 jurisdictions from across the world. A graduate in … Read more

Carmen González: “We have to be vigilant and act now against unauthorized uses of our brand in settings like the metaverse”

Fundación PONS has recently hosted the third workshop within its Series on Innovative Technologies to support SMEs: “The Metaverse applied to companies – What possibilities does it offer your company?” in collaboration with Madrid Foro Empresarial, Ibercaja and Agora News. During the event we were able to learn several real applications that the future Metaverse … Read more

Is Literary Translation Copyrighted?

Traducción, libro abierto

Translation’s origins in the history of mankind date back to Ancient Egypt, specifically to the Rosetta Stone. It is a large stone containing a decree issued by a pharaoh. What makes it special, and the reason why it is considered the first case of translation, is that it is written in three different languages: Egyptian … Read more

Ana Herrera, new Head of Patents, Technological Development and Innovation at PONS IP

PONS IP —a global consulting firm specialising in intellectual property— has announced the appointment of Ana Herrera as the new head of Patents, Technological Development and Innovation, after thirteen years as head of Biotechnology in the Patent Department of PONS IP. With this appointment —which is part of the PONS IP Transformation process— Herrera will … Read more

PONS IP, Knowledge Partner of the 1st ‘Patents for Innovation’ Forum to be held in Madrid

Linking science, technology and intellectual property. With this mission in mind, everything is ready to celebrate the first edition of ‘Patents for Innovation’ International Summit & Expo 2022 (P4i 2022) —a technological innovation forum and patent trade fair organised by the Autonomous University of Madrid, Phantoms Foundation, BeAble Capital and Knode, which has the maximum … Read more

PONS IP launches SINGULAR TM, a new ALSP business line for registering trademarks in Spain and the EU

PONS IP, a global consulting firm specialising in industrial and intellectual property, announced the launch ofSingular TMan ALSPAlternative Legal Service Providerbusiness line created for registering trademarks in Spain and the EU through a 100% online platform that automates the process of applying for registration. The launch, a ground-breaking initiative in Spain within the legal sector … Read more

PONS IP, coordinator of Fundación Cotec’s new working group on Technological Sovereignty and Industrial and Intellectual Property

Fundación Cotec para la Innovación has created a new Working Group, coordinated by PONS IP, with a dual purpose: to identify actions to promote technological sovereignty in Spain and to foster the generation of technology protected by industrial and intellectual property rights. This group, comprised of 25 Cotec Members, held its first meeting today. Coordinated … Read more

PONS IP at TMAP 2022 – the international benchmark meeting on trademarks

The Trademark Administrators and Practitioners Meeting (TMAP) brings together hundreds of trademark professionals every year in what is already considered one of the world’s leading events for trademark professionals. This year’s meeting, held in the U.S. city of Arlington, Virginia, brought together more than 300 attendees from 40 countries who participated in the event organized … Read more

The impact of intellectual property on tourism

Intellectual Property is the commercial ally par excellence of the tourism industry. Although this kind of intellectual property is usually related to the intangible assets of companies —such as patents and trademarks—, it is also an effective commercial ally to strengthen the industry, which is making great efforts to recover after the peak of the … Read more

Leaders League includes 10 professionals from PONS IP in its “Best Law Firms & IP Agencies 2022”


Leaders League, an international ratings agency of French origin that prepares rankings and market studies, has published its rankings in Spain of the best industrial and intellectual property firms, agencies and consultants of 2022, together with the top professionals in each area of practice related to the protection of intangibles. In total, ten professionals from … Read more

Cultural Appropriation in the Fashion Industry and the Role Played by IP

Globalization is a typical phenomenon of the contemporary world. Borders between countries, cultures and traditions are becoming more flexible. The possibility of connecting the world is becoming simpler and narrower. On the other hand, fashion has been a cultural manifestation, which, as expected, has also been affected by globalization. The fashion industry, needing to find … Read more

Technology management in new mobility. An intellectual property perspective

We are experiencing dramatic changes in mobility technology focused on a “DANCE world”, based on Digital, Autonomous, Non-emitting, Connected and Electric vehicles. These vehicles will be part of an ecosystem managed by platforms where data will be a vital asset for the new regulatory framework and to deliver mobility-related services. In this context, intangible asset … Read more

How can we legally protect software? Who owns the exploitation rights? The developer?

The increase in the use of technologies, and the inventions and developments stemming from their growing application in our daily lives, raises many questions related to the legal protection and exploitation of the rights attached to these intangible assets. Software, the different assets it can integrate and the ways to protect each of them, give … Read more

Inspiring new talent in the legal sector: “The Lex Fellowship” program comes to PONS IP

Madrid, July 14, 2022 PONS IP, a global consulting firm specializing in Intellectual Property, has welcomed in its Madrid headquarters a delegation of U.S. students enrolled in the international program The Lex Fellowship with the aim of learning “in situ” about the services of the company’s Legal Department team and its work methodology. The meeting … Read more

PONS IP gets multiple awards in the 2022 list of the “IAM Patent 1000”

IAM Patent 1000 2022 – The World’s Leading Patent Professionals, the main international information benchmark in the intellectual property sector in the patent area, has acknowledged the outstanding work of our companies as well as that of five of our professionals from both the patent prosecution and litigation areas in its latest 2022 edition. According … Read more

PONS IP highlights the importance of the Madrid System in Chile at a meeting organized by WIPO and INAPI

On April 4, the Chilean government submitted its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol, becoming the 111th member of the Madrid System. After three months of adaptation, this protocol, which homogenizes and simplifies trademark registration and management in 129 countries by filing a single international application, will enter into force in Chile next Monday, … Read more

#Metaverse: a technological, legal and educational challenge

Fundación PONS hosts the round table “Metaverse, an emerging world of opportunities”, organized by BeConfluence in collaboration with PONS IP The metaverse holds many opportunities for companies and professionals, and Spain as a country has great potential The metaverse will pose major privacy challenges Madrid, June 23, 2022. The main economic sectors are joining the … Read more

La Propiedad intelectual y el acceso a recursos genéticos en Colombia

La Propiedad intelectual y el acceso a recursos genéticos en Colombia

Colombia es reconocido como uno de los once países megadiversos por el World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) de las Naciones Unidas. Nuestro país cuenta con más de 50.000 especies registradas y cerca de 31 millones de hectáreas protegidas, equivalentes al 15% del territorio nacional lo que nos convierte en el segundo país más megadiverso del … Read more

Las marcas en la nueva economía digital

El segundo episodio de nuestro podcast “Privilegios de Invención” está dedicado a uno de los derechos de propiedad industrial más conocidos y también más recurridos por las empresas a nivel mundial: la marcas. Anualmente, se solicitan en todo el mundo más de 11 millones de marcas, de las cuales cerca de 50.000 corresponden a España. … Read more

Patentes Biotecnológicas

El primer episodio estará dedicado a uno de los grandes campos de la innovación a nivel mundial, uno de los que más dudas y controversias genera y que, en tiempos de pandemia y de vacunas, está de plena actualidad. Hablaremos de las patentes biotecnológicas con la participación de Nicolás Vincent Ruiz, Global Intellectual Property Head … Read more

Managing IP Awards 2022: ‘Grupo Cornavin vs Grupo Alvic’, best case of the year in Spain

Jean Devaureix, lawyer in charge of Patent Litigation at PONS IP, has achieved recognition as “Impact Case” of the year in Spain for the patent litigation settled in the Supreme Court between Grupo Cornavin and Alvic in the latest edition of the prestigious Managing IP Awards held in London. The ruling, which is now final … Read more

Implementation of the Junk Food Law in Colombia and Its Impact on Brand Strategy and Innovation

On July 30, 2021, the President of the Republic of Colombia ratified Law 2120 of 2021 ‘Whereby measures are adopted to promote healthy food environments and prevent non-communicable diseases and other provisions are adopted,‘ commonly known as the Junk Food Law, as its purpose is to promote healthy food environments in the country. The purpose … Read more


Patricia Ramos IP Star

Patricia Ramos, Assistant Director-General and Patent, Technological Development and Innovation Manager of PONS IP, our consulting firm, has made it into one of the most reputable lists in the sector, the Managing IP’s Top 250 Women in IP, as one of the two hundred and fifty professionals having shown an ‘exceptional performance’ in the practice … Read more

PONS IP unveils its new strategic positioning as a global Intellectual Property consulting firm

PONS IP unveils its new strategic positioning as a global Intellectual Property consulting firm

Madrid, May 19, 2022.– PONS IP has held a meeting at Fundación PONS with clients, media and partners to unveil its new digital identity and strategic positioning as a global intellectual property consulting firm. This milestone for PONS IP is the result of a process involving technological transformation, process optimization and service improvement aimed to … Read more


PONS IP, a global consulting firm specializing in Intellectual Property, has contributed to the international celebration of WIPO’s World Intellectual Property Day with a meeting at the company’s Madrid headquarters bringing together two young professionals from PONS IP, a company where one in three members is under 35 years of age, and two other young members … Read more

Movies Based on Literary Works and Intellectual Property Law

Cinema has always found a source of inspiration in literary works to bring stories that have already been told in written form to the screen. The obvious and famous examples are, among others, all those superhero movies based on Marvel or DC Comics comic books that attract so much the audiences’ attention, or the more … Read more


has a new Intellectual Property (IP) policy, CONPES 4062 of November 29, 2021, with a ten-year horizon and an estimated cost of 21,403 million Colombian pesos. Its main objective is to‘Consolidate IP generation and management and its use with tools to encourage the creation, innovation, knowledge transfer, and increase the country’s productivity‘. We hope it … Read more


Carmen González, Trademark and Brand Intelligence Manager at PONS IP, has been re-elected by the Board of Directors of the Official Association of Intellectual Property Agents (COAPI) as Vice President of the organization after the General Meeting held on March 23 in Madrid. The organization that represents all Intellectual Property Agents in Spain linked to … Read more


What is the Unitary Patent? The Unitary Patent is a unified system that makes it possible for any owner of a European Patent (EP) to obtain patent protection in up to 25 member states of the European Union by means of a single procedure, provided that the claims that have been granted are identical for all member states. What is the process … Read more


Madrid, March 16, 2022. – Branding professionals assembled at the Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) on March 16 for the 10th edition of the Branding Observatory, promoted by the Marketing Association of Spain (AMKT), GfK – an international market research consultancy, Summa – a pioneering branding company in Spain, the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, and PONS IP – a leading intellectual property consultancy. … Read more


The COTEC Foundation for Innovation has published the document ‘Commitments to Privacy and Digital Ethics’ that aims to serve as a basis for organizations to transform policies on privacy management and the ethical use of data. The document includes a series of commitments to guarantee the privacy of client and user data among Spanish organizations. Public and … Read more


The 2022 edition of the WTR 1000 (World’s Leading Trademark Professionals) is now official. This reference guide, which identifies the leading professionals and firms specializing in intellectual property worldwide, has once again recognized PONS IP‘s leadership in the Spanish and Colombian markets, both from the perspective of strategy and protection as well as legal defense in … Read more



Automation is a fundamental instrument for the digital transformation of sectors as diverse as the industry, healthcare and defense. Robots have become increasingly self-sufficient thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The AI concept is now 65 years old. It was proposed during a conference at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire in 1956 by three great … Read more



A sequence list included in a patent application gathers the information on all (nucleotide and/or amino acid) biological sequences to which the application refers in its description and/or claims in an orderly manner and in a particular format in compliance with regulations in force. Specifically, the ST-25 Standard established how sequence lists had to be … Read more


ISO 27001

PONS IP, a global consulting firm specialized in Intellectual Property, was awarded by Bureau Veritas the certification of compliance with the international standard ISO 27001, which guarantees maximum security in information management protocols. In this way, Bureau Veritas accredits PONS IP’s firm commitment to strengthening information protection for clients during all phases of service provisioning, … Read more


PONS IP se incorpora a fundación COTEC

PONS IP, a global consulting firm specialized in Intellectual Property, has officially joined the Cotec Foundation for Innovation as a permanent member after the business meeting that both entities held at the headquarters of the organization with the presence of Cotec’s General Manager, Jorge Barrero, and PONS IP’s General Manager, Nuria Marcos, together with their … Read more


NEW Protocolo WMC

The Barcelona Commercial Court and the European Union Trademark Courts of Alicante have published the “Protocol for on-call service and prompt response” for the Mobile World Congress 2022 – to be held from 28 February to 3 March. The event is expected to attract one of the world’s largest crowds of leading companies in the … Read more


Report Biocat

Investments in health-related startups in the BioRegion continue to rise steadily and have once again surpassed the 200 million barrier for the second year in a row, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In total, €238 million in investments have been raised, which is the highest figure on record to date. As reported in the 2021 BioRegion … Read more



PONS IP, a global consulting firm specializing in Intellectual Property, has appointed Patricia Ramos as Assistant Director-General, a position recently created by the company to consolidate the process of digital transformation, quality improvement and process optimization initiated in 2020 at PONS IP. Patricia Ramos will combine this role with her position as Head of the … Read more

PONS IP, The First Spanish Company to Become A Partner of WIPO Green


Madrid, December 2, 2021.- PONS IP, a global company specializing in Intellectual Property, is now a partner of WIPO Green, the World Intellectual Property Organization online platform created in 2013 to promote technology exchange and support global efforts to address climate change by connecting providers with those seeking environmentally-friendly technologies. Out of the 134 WIPO … Read more



The term deepfake has been growing in significance over the past few years. This refers to an artificial intelligence (AI) technique that makes it possible to edit videos of actual people that are actually nothing more than fake images of such people. The actual person and a virtual reality that identifies with that person but … Read more

Patenting biological material

Patenting biological material

Patent protection for inventions involving living beings or their components is highly controversial. Among other reasons, this is due to the bioethical implications involved in granting a holder an exclusive exploitation right over something that actually already exists in nature and that may even belong to the subject from which the biological sample that gave … Read more



Two lawyers from PONS IP, a global company specializing in Intellectual Property, have been featured in the long-awaited 2022 Best Lawyers in Spain™. Our Counsel José Carlos Erdozain has been selected as Best Lawyer in Intellectual Property Law, while Jean Devaureix has been recognized in the Litigation category. Both have been acknowledged as the best … Read more



It is now official. Isabel Cortés, International Legal Affairs at PONS IP, has been appointed vice-chair of the Harmonization of Trademark Law and Practice Committee of the International Trademark Association (INTA), the world’s leading global association of professionals which represents more than 6,500 organizations from 184 countries and 34,000 trademark professionals worldwide. This way, Isabel … Read more



Technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence or 5G have strongly burst into the economy and created opportunities for an industry that, in the near future, will be based on the management of non-personal data as one of the main growth assets of these companies. In this timely context, Tecniberia, in collaboration with PONS IP, held … Read more