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Why is it such a good idea to study for a Master's degree in Intellectual Property?
Why is it such a good idea to study for a Master's degree in Intellectual Property?

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Why is it such a good idea to study for a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property?
Companies are increasing their demands and requirements on candidates who want to be part of or lead their teams. This pressure is accentuated by the strong competition in the labor market, where postgraduate studies are an almost essential requirement to stand out from the crowd and provide added value to modern companies. However, choosing a field of specialization can be a complicated task in the midst of such a wide range of formative offerings.

Intellectual property is a versatile field that offers the opportunity to work in a variety of different areas and activities and to do so at an international level. The dynamism of the market and innovation are its natural habitats, and the digital transformation of companies implies a greater demand for professionals specialized in this sector. That’s why, in this post, we want to offer you six good reasons to study for a master’s degree in intellectual property.

1. It is a growing sector that demands more professionals

The advance of technology and the process of digital transformation have increased the need for companies to protect their creations and technological solutions and, consequently, the demand for intellectual property professionals has also grown. IP experts are needed more than ever because they can identify the knowledge that is worth protecting and determine the best means to protect assets in each case and at each company. Moreover, no one detects third-party infringements and defends them more effectively than they do.

2. It’s not just for lawyers!

Contrary to what many people believe, intellectual property instruction is not only aimed at law graduates. It also requires profiles as varied as those of biologists, chemists, creators from different cultural disciplines, engineers, graduates in Business Administration and Management, etc. From the perspective of the chemical industry, intellectual property is useful because of its broad relationship with the protection of pharmaceutical patents. In the case of authors and creators, they need to learn about intellectual property in order to protect ideas that may result from their works in different formats. And for those who practice engineering and are active in the industrial field, the need for protection of IP assets is necessary in matters such as, for example, the protection of plans or the development of software and applications, among others. Entrepreneurs and senior managers must also be familiar with the subject in order to identify the intangible assets of their companies and know how to protect and defend them, and also how to make them profitable.

3. Intellectual property crosses borders

As a result of various international agreements, conventions and protocols, intellectual property has many similar precepts and fields of application at the international level, making it easy for a person from one country to be trained in another. In Latin America and Europe, there are many similar rules and regulations to protect the interests of asset holders. Therefore, studying abroad, far from hindering national knowledge of the law, enriches the training and vision of the IP expert.

4. It’s a lot more than it looks like

Studying intellectual property means acquiring a wide range of skills: From learning how to identify graphic or word marks to knowing the protection mechanisms of industrial designs, patents or particular models. However, in addition to in-depth knowledge of the most well-known intellectual property concepts, training in this discipline provides you with knowledge on other related subjects, such as unfair competition, advertising, entertainment law, R&D contracts, new technologies, etc.

5. Your marketing strategy will appreciate it

In today’s competitive market, it is vital for companies to be able to differentiate their products and services and their own corporate identity by means of strong brands. Keeping them protected is what will allow them to stand out for their quality and prestige, and also to defend themselves against those who seek to take advantage of their reputation through counterfeiting and piracy. Therefore, training in intellectual property will provide you with extra knowledge to work in brand building and branding processes at the marketing department of any company.

6. It goes beyond books and theory

When you study an IP Master’s degree, you exercise your analytical, reasoning and creative skills. Intellectual property offers the possibility of being creative when choosing different mechanisms to meet the protection objectives. It also opens the doors to a unique, exciting and original sector, always linked to innovation and human progress.

Nowadays, companies need to have professionals whose skills go beyond theory and who are able to add value, also through their own personal brand. Studying intellectual property offers this possibility and it’s fun, not tedious and boring; something totally different.

This post has been co-written by Katherine M. González, student of the XII Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property, Competition and New Technologies organized by the Rey Juan Carlos I University, PONS Business School, and Fundación PONS.

If you are interested in studying in Madrid and specializing in intellectual property, we invite you to learn more about this internationally recognized academic plan.

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