Take control of your trademark globally

ALERTA is the most complete solution for comprehensive surveillance of your trademark against identical or similar registration attempts, infringements, forgery, and misuse.

La solución definitiva online y offline para mantener el valor de mercado de tu marca

The definitive online and offline solution to maintain the market value of your trademark, avoid reputational damage and loss of results.

ALERTA is...

Advanced technology

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data at the service of your intangible assets.

Comprehensive Surveillance

Monitor our trademark online and offline, against attempts to register similar signs, infractions, forgery, and improper use.

Protection and defence

We eliminate and neutralise infringements that threaten your brand at any time.

What does ALERTA's comprehensive trademark surveillance consist of?

Protecting the exploitation and commercialisation rights of your trademark at an international level.


Extensive coverage and exhaustive monitoring over time so that our trademark is not damaged by recent registration applications.


Our technological solution allows your trademark to be documented in the access channels, preventing the counterfeit product from reaching the market.


An online surveillance platform, based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, that detects, analyses, and eliminates Internet infractions, counterfeits and/or abuses of your trademark, worldwide.


An exhaustive control over domain names and their registrations so that the identification of the trademark in the digital world is not compromised.

A service that combines rigorous global registry surveillance with the most modern technology to prevent trademark infringement in online and offline channels.

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Registry Surveillance

After the registration of the trademark, it is essential to monitor new applications for identical or similar trademarks filed by third parties to prevent their registration and subsequent exploitation in the market.

The Trademark Registration Offices can identify possible similarities or identical distinctive signs, but it is always the owner’s responsibility to take the appropriate legal action to avoid infringement.

With the Registration Alert service,PONS IP ALERTA helps prevent the registration of trademarks similar or the same as yours, in addition to offering a wide variety of coverage that adapts to the territorial nature of the trademarks:

it is essential to monitor new applications for identical or similar trademarks
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Customs Surveillance

It is vital for the trademark that the counterfeit product does not reach the market, for which it is necessary to control its physical entry through the access channels.

ALERTA enables comprehensive customs control through technological tools, with which all documentation and information regarding the brand and its owner are managed. This information is made available to customs authorities, allowing them to identify counterfeits quickly and efficiently to take the appropriate legal action.

To complete the brand protection, we have a team of criminal lawyers specialised in defending Intellectual Property rights in infringement proceedings around the world.


Online Surveillance

A platform for the monitoring and surveillance of the trademark on the Internet that allows to detect, analyse, and eliminate those infractions, counterfeits and/or abuses of the trademark, worldwide, by monitoring the different channels applying Artificial Intelligence.

it is essential to monitor new applications for identical or similar trademarks
Vigilancia Aduanera


Domain name monitoring

It is essential to register domain names associated with trademarks and advertising slogans, as well as monitor registration attempts and similar uses so that they do not affect the brand’s online positioning in the future.

In the digital world, separate management of trademarks and domain names is no longer advisable.

Domain names serve to identify us on the network, but do not give us the right to use them as a brand.

How does it work?

Utilizamos procesos de Big Data que nos permiten capturar y almacenar grandes cantidades de información.

We use Big Data processes that allow us to capture and store substantial amounts of information.

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Artificial Intelligence together with our team of analysts specialised in cybersecurity, analyse, and classifies the information obtained.

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Deindexation and Removal

Our agreements with Google and the different platforms allow us to eliminate infringements that threaten trademarks.

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Advanced technology

+ Experience

The most effective way to guarantee the exclusivity and protection of our trademark rights on the Internet, which combines our experience in Consulting and management of Intangible Assets and the most modern technology.

We investigate

We conduct an analysis to advise appropriately according to the unique needs of our clients.

We define

The action channels and search criteria are associated with the commercial strategy of each product.

We select

We choose the service that best suits the needs detected

We deter

Ability to deter offenders immediately.


We offer security and competitiveness for your trademark

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