PONS IP, made up by PONS Patentes y Marcas Internacional, S.L. and PONS Consultores de la Propiedad Industrial, S.A., is a consultancy firm specializing in advising and managing the intangible assets represented by ideas and, mainly, their results.

Our company, specialized in the Intellectual Property and New Technologies field, offers its clients extensive experience and professional advice for the design and implementation of strategies for the creation, maintenance, and defense of their intangible asset portfolios (patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, etc.), in Spain and abroad.

At PONS IP we seize the advantages of the latest technologies, to provide our clients with agile and efficient answers, and we maintain an active presence in the national an international public Institutions and Bodies dedicated to the registry, promotion, and defense of these rights. As a comprehensive consulting firm, we anticipate the needs of any entrepreneur or organization, with highly specialized innovative services, and we provide global responses to their business ideas, with our main objective being to meet the needs and expectations of our clients and all stakeholders.

In accordance with the principles established in the Quality and Surveillance/Intelligence Policy, PONS IP Management assumes the following commitments:

  • · compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 and UNE 166006:2018 international standards;
  • · define and implement an integrated Quality and Surveillance/Intelligence Management System based on continuous improvement towards customer satisfaction and the timely knowledge of developments that may influence the scope of PONS IP's activity;
  • · ensure the adequacy of the human resources, methods and equipment used to meet the objective set, as well as carry out inspections and verifications;
  • · offering continuous training of our professionals, as well as fostering their participation and involvement in the improvement of our processes;
  • · raising awareness and motivation of staff on the importance of the implementation and development of a Management System as well as on compliance with customer requirements, including legal, regulatory and other requirements subscribed by the organization.

This policy is the frame of reference used by the PONS IP Management to set annual objectives. It is reviewed periodically to maintain its adequacy and validity and ensure continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality and Surveillance/Intelligence Management System.                                                                     

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