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Committed to a better future

PONS Foundation promotes and raises awareness of the role of innovation in social and business development. We promote the responsible use of new technologies and the value of Intellectual Property.

PONS Foundation: we create and share value with our clients, team of professionals and society.


Our firm commitment to society and the environment

Human capital

We protect our most valuable asset

Cohesion, professional development, and work-life balance in our team.


An inescapable commitment to the planet

Respect, protect and promote the care and protection of our environment.

Socioeconomic Development

IP as a valuable asset for economic and social development

Dissemination, knowledge exchange and collaboration.

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We protect

our most valuable asset

PONS IP and its professionals specialised in IP are unbeatably positioned in the main directories and international rankings of the sector, appearing as recommended experts worldwide.

PONS IP foresees its employees needs to find a balance between their personal and professional life. For this reason, our company has created the “Work-life balance plan,” which aims to help our workers establish a balance between their professional and personal lives.

The PONS IP “Work-life balance plan,” includes the following measures:

  • Adapting the working day to the personal needs of each employee, through flexible working hours.
  • Working from home for part of the day, as long as the position allows it, facilitating work-life balance.
  • Taking children to sports and cultural activities organized by PONS IP during non-school days, when they do not attend school.

Our organisation firmly defends equal professional opportunities, regardless of the sex, gender, ethnicity, age, or nationality. For this reason, PONS IP has created and implemented a transversal plan that guarantees equal opportunities for all individuals in all areas of the organisation.

The measures of the equality plan are applied in all the following issues:

  • Staff structure
  • The Selection processes
  • Promotion Opportunities
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Training
  • Remuneration
  • Sexism and workplace harassment
  • Organisational and work culture

Our equality plan has proven to be highly effective. Today, 70% of our employees are women and in addition, they occupy 80% of the positions of responsibility within the company.

PONS IP understands and values the ambition of its employees to grow academically, personally, and professionally. To this end, we actively encourage the participation of our workers in master’s degrees, courses, and workshops. PONS IP offers multiple training plans, with special attention to languages, and scholarships to PONS Foundation’s master.

As a company that fosters innovation and development, we are aware of the fundamental role that technology plays. For this reason, we have developed an internal digital transformation training program for our teams.

This programme consists of a series of talks given by prestigious professionals. It helps us tackle new digital environments and challenges. Moreover, it offers us the keys to learning and working effectively, relying on new technologies.

At PONS IP, we also design personalized career plans for our employees to contribute to their professional growth and development within our company. We implement career plans, which focus on our activity and align with the individual objectives of our employees, to make them our most valuable assets in the market.

The benefits that these actions bring us are: retention of talent, security, and reduction of job uncertainty, in addition to achieving highly qualified teams in stable work. environments.


An inescapable commitment

to the planet

We put all the means at our disposal, from our facilities to our digital platforms, and contact networks, to raise awareness of the need to evolve towards sustainability through innovation.

We believe that technology is the greatest ally for sustainable transformation and therefore we promote the creation of innovations that allow a better and sustainable world.

PONS IP tries to reduce its ecological footprint by implementing reuse and recycling policies based on the 3 Rs strategy (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

  • Reduce: The PONS IP utilisation measures try to reduce the unnecessary consumption of materials. From our organisation, we promote the preparation of documents in digital format, and we try to reduce the consumption of materials such as paper. At PONS IP, we strive to educate our employees, so that they apply practices such as limiting the printing of documents, except when this is strictly necessary.
  • Reuse: In addition, we try to promote the use and reuse of products and office supplies. PONS IP workers are encouraged to take advantage of the notebooks, notepads, and paper they use; to reuse paper, print on both sides of the pages, etc.
  • Recycle: PONS IP offices have recycling bins that facilitate environmentally friendly routines. All kinds of waste are recycled, from paper to cans, coffee cups, etc.

According to the Ministry for Ecological Transition, more than 75% of NO2 in the air comes from road traffic. At PONS IP we try to contribute to caring for the planet by promoting sustainable mobility practices. We have set up a bicycle parking area in our offices in Madrid to encourage our workers to use more ecological means of transport and, in this way, contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.


WIPO GREEN, created by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), it is the hub to promote sustainable technology in the market.

PONS IP, in its faithful commitment to support this philosophy, adheres to this initiative as a member and part of the Advisory Council with the aim of promoting innovation and helping to spread green technology in the world market.


IP as a valuable asset for economic and social development

Business innovation and technological transformation

IP as a valuable asset for economic and social development

We understand management, protection, and defence of IP as an essential part of the business network and economy of a country, which along with research is an essential part of its development.

We raise awareness of the importance of business innovation, R&D&i research, the defence of Intellectual Property and the responsible use of new technologies for social and economic progress.

For this reason, we conduct a wide variety of initiatives that aim to raise awareness of the role of technology in the advancement of society, sustainability, and the economy.

Dissemination actions on IP (conferences, seminars, webinars, events, training, etc.), support for start-ups through aid and subsidy programs. We partner with various associations and federations related to technological development and innovation. We conduct joint actions for the promotion of innovation and technology.


We create and share value with our clients, team of professionals and society as a whole.

A space open to knowledge and the exchange of ideas promoting the formation and creation of an IP culture within organisations.

PONS Foundation acquires a fundamental role in our Corporate Social Policy. It becomes a space to share initiatives to support awareness and dissemination of each of the objectives mentioned above, the care of human capital, the protection of the environment and socioeconomic development.

In order to reinforce our commitment to socioeconomic development through innovation, in addition to our CSR policies, in 2005 we created PONS Foundation.


Technological Innovation Liaison Entity in the Comunidad de Madrid

The PONS Foundation acquires a fundamental role in our Corporate Social Policy. It becomes a space to share initiatives to support awareness and dissemination of each of the objectives mentioned above, the care of human capital, the protection of the environment and socioeconomic development.

Within our active commitment to promote our values, in 2020 through our Foundation, we accepted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A universal initiative of global collaboration that addresses and works on the most vulnerable points to achieve sustainable socioeconomic development with society and the environment.


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