We are leaders in protection services, with 75 years’ experience.

We provide a comprehensive service including everything from research and prior reports on the viability of IP registration to the protection and administrative defence of IP assets and to their registration in any country in the world where our clients operate.


  • The implementation of an appropriate strategy for the protection, defence and internationalisation of trademarks is essential to succeed in the marketing of any product or service.

    At PONS IP we help our clients choose the right trademark and we help protect and defend it by taking into account the positioning and the degree of internationalization of each company. Thanks to our extensive experience with thousands of companies we provide a comprehensive service that ranges from previous research, to determine the viability of the brand, to its registration in any country of the world.

    • Investigation of the identities and likeness of distinctive signs and the elaboration of analysis reports previous to the registration and trademark viabilities.
    • Trademark portfolio audits for its optimization.
    • The definition of the best strategy for registration, bearing in mind the products and services, and also the markets in question.
    • Applications for the registration of trademarks from Spain, the European Union, or international or foreign, in any country in the world.
    • Internationalisation of registrar protection under the best strategy.
    • Worldwide surveillance of trademarks in order to detect a similar trademark, registered previously anywhere in the world.
    • Defence of the applications when faced by oppositions, appeals, nullity or forfeiture claims lodged by third parties.
    • Filing of oppositions, appeals, nullity and forfeiture actions against third party trademark applications that can infringe the rights and interests of our clients.
  • Protecting the results of an innovation by means of the patent is the optimal way to monetize the investment in R&D, seeing as how the intangible asset of the company (the IP) contributes in the creation of value for our clients in the private and public sectors.

    As specialists in the sector, backed by our experience and international presence, PONS IP offers comprehensive advise and ongoing dialogue with our clients, helping them choose the best strategy for the protection of their inventions anywhere in the world.

    Our main services include the following:

    • Prior strategic advice regarding the assessment, follow-up and surveillance of your technological portfolio or that of third parties in lawsuits: patentability reports and opinions on the extent of protection possible, strength reports, reports on possible breaches of intellectual property rights by third parties, reports on freedom of operation, technological surveillance reports and Due Diligence reports.
    • The preparation, application, processing and validation of patents: domestic, European and PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty).
    • Counselling in opposition and appeal processes before the Spanish Patents and Trademarks Office (SPTO), and in Europe before the European Patent Office (EPO). If the conditions so allow, we also mediate in the negotiations and agreements between our clients and third parties, for the amicable resolution of conflicts regarding the use of a patent. Furthermore, we prepare and present comments on third-party dossiers.
    • We accompany you throughout the entire process of prior analysis, registration, renewal, surveillance and defence of your patents and utility models, and in the launching of your products or services in the market, faced by the possible rights of third parties.
  • At PONS IP we take part in the registration, renewal, recovery and monitoring of generic names or territorial domain processes.

    We can also register and validate your trademarks in the Trademark Clearinghouse database that will allow you to include your trademark in some of the areas of generic domain names recently approved by ICANN, and thanks to our partnership with VeriSign, leaders on the issues of digital security certificates, we can also ensure that any information sent from your server will be encrypted to preclude interception or theft, as well as to those who visit your website can do it with a greater sense of security.

    Our main services include the following:

    • Comprehensive advice on the registration, renewal and brokerage for the purchase of generic or territorial domain names.
    • Reports on the current and past ownership of the domain name as well as audits on domain names.
    • Studies for the optimization of domain portfolios and the protection of trademarks on the Internet.
    • Maintenance and upgrades on the domain data.
    • Monitoring notices for sunrise periods, depending on their sector of activity and pre-registration of these new domain names.
    • The monitoring of trademarks in order to detect and recover domain names registered by third parties that could infringe totally or partially on the rights of the trademark owners.
    • The filing of extrajudicial and /or judicial conflict resolution demands to the appropriate entities.
  • The success of any strategy for the positioning, distribution and sales of a product in the current marketplace depends more and more on its visual appearance and its originality. To protect this valuable IP asset, in companies there exists the classification of Industrial Designs, and at PONS IP we give professional advice to place at the disposal of our clients the best protection strategy for this type of IP rights, from the stage of analysing the viability of this protection to the registration of the design at any Office in the world, and its subsequent surveillance in any country.

    Our main services include the following:

    • Strategic consulting at the time of registration: reports on previous analysis and viability.
    • Application, processing, renewal and monitoring their industrial designs.
    • Protection of intellectual property rights against third parties. Presentation of extrajudicial and/or judicial conflict resolution demands to the appropriate entities.
  • Breaches of copyright and related rights frequently occur in the market, with the unauthorised exploitation of content or abuse of the exploitation of said rights with regard to the contractual agreement. At PONS IP we aid our clients in the definition of strategies and courses of action when faced with these breaches.

    Besides, we have extensive experience in the negotiation and the drawing-up of contracts and licences authorising the use of different types of creations, databases and computer programmes, using these tools to try to minimise the conflicts that might arise between the contracting parties.

    Our main services include the following:

    • Consulting in copyright and its related rights.
    • Legal actions relating to intellectual property in civil and criminal matters.
    • Negotiation and drafting of contracts governing the ownership and exploitation of intellectual property rights.
    • Advise in relation to the intellectual property rights management entities.
  • At PONS IP we have a multi-disciplinary team, formed by technical personnel specialising in plant biology, and attorneys with experience in the defence of the rights granted by plant breeder’s certificates; that is, the plant varieties capable of being protected. and which fulfil the characteristics of being new, different, uniform and stable.

    If required, thanks to our surveillance service, we offer the possibility of managing the use of reproductive plant material or the multiplication of plant varieties by means of innovative computerised monitoring systems. We detect possible infringements of use by third parties, and we place at your disposal our legal counselling department in order to enforce your intellectual property rights before the competent authorities throughout the world, and also for the negotiation and drawing-up of exploitation contracts if required.

    Our main services include the following:

    • Pre-application consultation on the obtaining of the plant variety title; pre-feasibility report.
    • Application for the obtaining of plant titles so as to provide the correct data to the appropriate office as well as the technical description of the particulars of the plant variety.
    • Maintenance of the Title: we properly advise on the necessary measures needed in order to maintain its record; technical examination of the variety keeping the validity of the plant variety by paying annual fees, etc.
    • Monitoring and advocacy to ensure that our clients′ intellectual property rights are respected worldwide and if not provide the appropriate counsel and representation so as to carry out the legal actions necessary before the competent bodies.
  • Designations of Origin, Geographical Indications and Indications of Quality are important for the sales of our clients. Frequently, consumers make purchases on the basis of the origin of a product, associating this with a particular quality.

    Our experts have extensive experience in counselling our clients on the best strategy for the use, protection and defence of designations of origin, geographical indications and indications of quality, particularly in the interaction between trademarks and the DOs and PGIs to which the titleholders of the registrations belong. Our position as the leading firm in the food and drinks sector, in the wine and agricultural industries, provides us with a competitive advantage for the successful resolving of our clients’ projects.

    Our services are:

    • Legal counselling in the obtaining of a Designation of Origin or Geographical Indication registration.
    • Defence against the possible infringement of our clients’ rights to exclusivity.
    • Strategy for the use of Designations of Origin, Geographical Indications or Indications of Quality.