Your perfect partner in the study, creation and definition of strategies and Intellectual Property culture

We help our clients define and implement an Intellectual Property culture in their companies, to further the value of their intangible assets in the market.


  • IP strategy
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    Head of the RDI Legal Consulting Department
  • Assessment of trademarks and patents
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    Head of the RDI Legal Consulting Department
  • Technology transfer
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    Managing Director of Technology Transfer
  • R&D&I contracts and reports
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    Head of the RDI Legal Consulting Department
  • Trade Secret protocol
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    Head of the RDI Legal Consulting Department
  • H2020
  • Training
    Amaya Mallea
    Head of the RDI Legal Consulting Department
  • Intellectual Property should be understood and managed by each company as an essential element that directly impacts the competitiveness of its business. It is therefore crucial that the strategy and the management of its IP assets be in line with company objectives and be managed in such a way as to increase their value in the market.

    At PONS IP we know that each company is different, even though they may operate in the same market; the consultancy services we provide are therefore designed to understand, support and to provide the necessary tools for each company, to ensure the correct definition of its IP strategy, the appropriate implementation of its associated processes and the creation of an IP culture.

    Furthermore, we have a multi-disciplinary team specialised in the study, creation and definition of intellectual property strategies and the definition of the processes that ensure the fulfilment of the established goals (those of the company and of the protection of its assets).

    This is why we provide the following services, among others:

    • The diagnosis of the current situation of our client in matters of intellectual property (IP).
    • The definition of a strategic IP plan in line with company strategy.
    • The definition, implementation and startup of an IP Strategic Model (processes).
    • Action Plan on Protection of Assets.
    • Training and motivation of company personnel in IP culture.
  • Intangible assets, particularly patents and trademarks, are an important part of the market value of businesses, and analysis of these enables the economic valuation of the same, for the making of strategic decisions in sales and Technology Transfer processes.

    At PONS IP we know that clients’ requirements go beyond the protection of an innovation or the registration of a trademark. For this reason, this type of report aims to identify strong points in the value of a product; knowing which factors influence the value of a trademark or patent, and which aspects should be optimised to increase its economic value.

    Our services cover the following requirements:

    • The valuing (monetising) of trademarks and patents: finding a reference value for a transfer, a licence, an inheritance, purchase or loan.
    • Economic valuation of internet domains.
    • The identification of strengths and weaknesses in the value of an intangible asset.

    In the same way, the situations in which the valuation of an intangible is advisable are:

    • In any financial operation involving the transfer or licencing of an asset: from a transfer to a loan (mortgage) backed by the value of an intangible.
    • In a business optimisation process.
    • In a technology transfer operation where the value of the portfolio of technologies forming the product is analysed.
    • In business expansions, bids for public contracts, or in public projects requiring evidence of the strength of a product in the market.
  • At PONS IP we believe in the importance of technology transfer and in knowledge as a cornerstone of society. We have therefore spent years performing specialised work in this transfer process between public research centres and organisations and private businesses, in order to bring to the market the technology resulting from the research processes, in a sustainable manner and providing added value for those generating and/or receiving the same.

    Our services in this field are:

    • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) marketing services.
    • Technology Scouting.
    • IP-related technical, legal and commercial counselling in the making of financial decisions.
    • Design of the innovation strategy (IP+market) in the internal and/or external corporate venturing processes of a company.
    • Technology trading catalogues.
    • Auditing for the optimisation of market-related IP protection strategy.
    • Support in matters of innovation (IP+market) to increase the value of the business.
    • The coordination of technology validation tests and their synchronisation with the appropriate IP protection for the launching of new products or services.
  • At PONS IP we counsel businesses, universities, technology centres and research centres in the definition and execution of processes for the purchase, protection, exploitation and transfer of R&D&I results.

    These are some of the services we provide:

    • We negotiate and draw up contracts concerning the purchase, transfer or exploitation of patents, utility models, industrial designs, new plant varieties or trade secrets, such as patent licences, joint ownership agreements or contracts for the provision of research and development services.
    • In joint research projects financed with public funds, we provide counsel in the negotiation and drawing-up of the agreements to be signed by the parties, such as the initial confidentiality agreement, the memorandums of understanding, the joinder agreement or the award agreement.
    • We help to create technology-based businesses (Spin-Offs) and we undertake the preparation of all the related documentation.
    • We prepare reports in which we assess the adaptation to current regulations regarding the management, protection and exploitation of the research results.
  • Much of the information handled by our clients is confidential information, which either cannot be protected by patent or other means of intellectual property, or which, for strategic reasons, it has been decided that it should not appear in any register. However, this information may be protected as a trade secret.

    At PONS IP we help our clients protect their knowledge as a trade secret, providing the following services:

    • Assessment of the measures implemented to date by the client in order to maintain the secrecy of the knowledge generated by the company.
    • The creation of a protection protocol with the organisational, legal, physical and technical measures to be implemented in the company, together with the related documentation to be used.
    • In-house training directed toward the personnel who handle or generate the knowledge to be protected as a trade secret.
  • H2020 is a European Union funding programme for Research and Innovation for the 2014 – 2020 period, financing (and integrating) for the first time the entirety of the life cycle of a research project: from the generation of the initial knowledge or the idea, to the activities that are closest to the market.

    The basic pillars of Horizon 2020 are “Excellent Science”, “Industrial Leadership” and “Societal Challenges”. This funding instrument will enable the most brilliant ideas to reach the market more rapidly, and to be applied in cities, hospitals, factories, shops and homes as soon as possible.

    It is thus that correct IP management at all stages of the life cycle of technology becomes a priority, fundamental activity in this programme, the aspects of IPR acquiring relevance when assessing proposals. PONS IP places at your disposal an interdisciplinary group of professionals with extensive experience in European funding framework programmes and IP, providing, for all types of instrument:

    • Consulting services for clients who wish to present a joint proposal, defending their interests and ensuring correct management and protection of their assets throughout the life of the project and the exploitation of its results.
    • Participating as partners in consortiums, adding value to both the proposal and the project, ensuring a correct strategy and management of the protection of the project assets, and managing the exploitation of the results.

    PONS IP adds value to the proposal for clients and consortiums in different phases:

    • Preparing Proposals
    • Signing of contracts
    • Project execution
      • Initial counselling in IP-related matters
      • Our own methodology to combine Expected Impacts and Objectives with the innovative potential of the project
      • Assessment of the innovative potential of the project to ensure and enhance its best level
      • A study of the novelty of the project and of its technological surroundings
      • A study of the state of the art, and identification of technological and market trends)
      • A proposal for the (possible) technical adjustment of the project, bearing in mind the TRL, the sector of interest and its technological surroundings, and the market situation based on the IP
      • Preparation of the content (in each case) corresponding to the different sections and WPs of the proposal with regard to IP rights and exploitation.
      • Dissemination, exploitation and communication plan.
      • Grant Agreement
      • Consortium Agreement
      • Guaranteeing the foreground/results agreements and the correct identification of partners and assets generated
      • Determination and configuration of the rights of access and usage (foreground, background and third parties) and the procedures for their management
      • Exploitation/Licences
      • A study of the policies and regulations of the EU and the Member States concerning the sector in question
      • Management and protection of the project results (new assets) and of the existing IP
      • A process for the identification of IP and the definition of its protection strategy
      • IPR Management: WP management and execution in matters of IP or execution of assigned IP-related tasks. Patents, trademarks, utility models, industrial design, know-how, trade secrets, copyrights, domain names…
      • IP-based innovation management
      • Freedom to operate
      • Technology transfer
      • Exploitation Management: the definition, execution and optimisation of an exploitation strategy
      • Research Data Management and IP Analytics: Data Acquisition, Data protection, Data assessment, Data sharing.
      • Other IP-related services required by the project
  • We organise IP-centred training sessions for companies to create awareness throughout the organisation at the different decision-making levels, in order to make it more competitive and to create an Intellectual Property culture.