A comprehensive, transversal service in the defence of our clients’ interests.

We counsel and represent you, defending your interests anywhere in the world in lawsuits concerning either IP or Entertainment Law, Honour and Privacy, Data Protection, New Technologies and Publicity.


  • A comprehensive legal advice service in matters of IP and Entertainment Law. We help our clients appropriately interpret the clauses of their contracts, and also with the drawing-up and negotiation of the same.

    These are some of the services we provide:

    • Consulting in specific matters of Intellectual Property, Data Protection, New Technologies and the Right to Honour, Privacy and Personal Reputation, and also in Entertainment Law.
    • The drawing-up and reviewal of contracts for the transfer of rights, licences, provision of services and any other subject in the field of IP and Entertainment Law.
    • The drawing-up of notifications / replies to the same.
    • Aiding the client in negotiations concerning the defence of his rights.
    • The preparation of legal reports and experts’ opinions.
  • We work on the defence of our clients’ legal interests in the event of any court order. We have a team of trial lawyers, highly specialised in the sector and with extensive experience in IP matters and Entertainment Law.

    These are the services most frequently requested by our clients:

    • Litigations in relation to trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs, trade secrets/know-how, intellectual property (copyright and copyright related rights), unfair competition and illicit advertising.
    • The legal direction of court proceedings (civil jurisdictions, specialised in commerce, contentious-administrative and criminal proceedings).
    • Appeals to the Court of Justice of the European Union.
    • The execution of judicial and out-of-court resolutions, such as arbitration awards.
  • We work to prevent our clients’ rights from being infringed by the entry of misbranded material through Customs. Thus, we collaborate in the identification of unauthentic or suspect merchandise at the border, for its confiscation.

    This protection is performed at a Spanish and European level, to try to reduce the increase in product piracy. In the event that the merchandise is confiscated during its distribution process, at PONS IP we counsel and defend our clients by means of criminal prosecution, in order that this practice be abandoned, and to request that the damages caused by the exploitation of said misbranded merchandise be made good.

    Over 70% of the misbranded products that enter the European market come from Asia, mainly China. The seizure of products and offending factories is a task that requires the coordinated efforts of researchers, the authorities and experts in Intellectual Property. PONS IP coordinates anti-piracy activities, performing surveillance activities together with the Customs authorities, field research, incursions and raids in the key forgery markets, monitoring fairs, verifying and studying the legality of the documentation concerning the commercial creation of the offending company, and tracking offenders on social networks, platforms, e-commerce and specialised forums. Our Chinese personnel provide us with the degree of speed and dialogue necessary to carry out this type of action.

    PONS IP provides the following services:

    • Detection at Customs of misbranded products that infringe intellectual property rights.
    • Management of the portfolio of trademarks, patents and designs of our clients, to enable the Customs Authorities to rapidly identify the misbranded products.
    • Legal counselling for Customs Applications For Action (AFAs).
    • The implementation of strategies to fight the entry and exit of misbranded products.
  • Our legal team also has expertise in alternative dispute resolution of conflicts. Both arbitration and mediation are common practices that enjoy domestic and international recognition. Our lawyers have the necessary knowledge to succeed in both procedures.

    Our services are:

    • Counselling and representation in arbitration and mediation procedures.
    • The alternative dispute resolution of conflicts between trademarks and domain names.
  • PONS IP’s team of specialists provides advice in the field of personal data protection, covering the requirements of any company in this field, whatever its size.

    As referents in the provision of this service, we guarantee extensive experience in implementation projects in the field of data protection, and also in counselling to avoid the most common problems associated therewith.

    Our services include the following, among others:

    • Statutory audits.
    • Internet privacy.
    • Disciplinary proceedings.
    • International data transfer.
    • The drawing-up of privacy policies for all stakeholders.